Though the world is suffering from the deadly pandemic, the spirit to live life must never die. Amid the corona times when everything has come to a halt, it has become perverse for people who are suffering from other deadly diseases. Thus, realizing the needs of society and the need to spread awareness among the crowd about the predominating HEPATITIS DISEASE, Lovely Professional University held a session on 28th July 2020 from 11 AM onwards. In the webinar, LPU invited Dr. Ajit Sood, DM, Gastroenterology, HOD, DMCH, Ludhiana, and Dr. Vandana Midha, Professor, Department of Medicine, DMCH, Ludhiana, to give their insights to the thousands of students of the university.


The session started with Dr. Saurabh Lakhanpal (Head- DSW, LPU) welcoming, the esteemed speakers for the webinar, and acknowledging the presence of Shri Ashok Mittal Sir (Chancellor, LPU), & Madam Rashmi Mittal (Worthy Pro-Chancellor, LPU) in the live session. After the quick intro, moderator of the webinar, Dr. Vandana Midha, acknowledged the presence of the online community gathered to hear them out on the ‘WORLD HEPATITIS DAY.’ Continuing further, Dr. Midha briefed the gathering about the importance of this date. She stated that 28th July has the utmost importance in medicinal field history, as the Noble Laureate, Dr. Baruch S. Blumberg, who discovered Hepatitis B celebrated his birthday on this day. And, subsequently, every year, 28th July is celebrated as WORLD HEPATITIS DAY. She further added that this year the theme for World Hepatitis Day is Finding the Missing Millions,’ which signifies spreading more awareness among people regarding Hepatitis and increasing the testing for the disease as mostly it is asymptomatic.


Meanwhile, Dr. Sood faced some technical glitches, Dr. Midha continued to address the people about the severity of the disease Hepatitis and explained the various types, ways of spreading, its asymptomatic nature and the preventive measures for it. In the session, she also shared her experiences of treating Hepatitis patients in villages adopted by them as a part of their fight against Hepatitis. She stressed on the unawareness among people about Hepatitis and discussed the acute and chronic nature of the disease.

Later on in the webinar, after eliminating all the technical glitches, Dr. Sood addressed the crowd in detail about the technicalities of the disease. He mainly focussed his presentation on highlighting the role of the liver and how much it is crucial to maintain its fitness for a healthy life. He explained the ‘ABCD’ of liver infections that later give rise to Hepatitis and elaborated on the preventive measures for the same.

Lastly, Dr. Saurabh Lakhanpal recalled the moments from last year, when both Dr. Sood and Dr. Midha were at LPU Campus. He thanked them on behalf of Lovely Professional University for their valuable efforts to spread awareness amid people and to manage out few hours from their hectic schedule amid COVID-19. With these cherishing memories, the session ended on a happy note.