Most Indian students aspire to go abroad in for higher studies. However, this year they got their dreams on hold due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. The parents, too, are reluctant to send their wards abroad, in such a scenario. However, amidst this all, LPU has brought ample ‘Study Abroad Opportunities’ through its unique ‘Credit Transfer Program’. Under this program, a student can make a wide choice of his/her preference for the country, university and the program. For this, LPU connects students to its top partner universities across the globe including those of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland and more.

Under this credit transfer opportunity, a student can study part of the program at LPU campus and complete the rest of his/her degree at an LPU’s foreign partner university, be it from USA, UK Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any other opted for. In such cases, the part of the program is generally two years for undergraduate and one year for masters. In any case, such an option making student gets the final degree from LPU’s partner foreign University. In present precautionary measures adopted world-wide, students can prefer the option of ‘credit transfer’ after two years, when situations are normal. This will prove economically viable also as students will have to pay their fees for first two years in Indian Rupees at LPU, in comparison to expensive dollars of a foreign university.

Some of LPU’s high-ranked partner universities, included among top 200 universities of the world ranking status, are Wisconsin Madison University of the USA, ranked 51; University of Malaya, Malaysia, ranked 56; RWTH Achen International Academy (Under RWTH  Achen University) Germany, ranked 99; University of Newcastle, Australia, ranked 197. Other partner universities include Curtin University Australia, Massey University New Zealand, MUN Canada, University of Nantes France and many more renowned for their academic programmes and research works. These partner universities offer programmes in almost all the streams including sciences, technologies, management and more. In addition, willing students can go abroad under short durational ‘Student Exchange’ programs also. There is a huge demand for these short programs because of the various scholarships and attached benefits.