In today’s world, we just can’t imagine a moment without a snap because we just can’t stay away from it. Whatever we do we capture those moments so that it turns into memories just when the moment is gone pass by. Just visualize for a second how black & white our life would be. Precisely, it would become

On 19th August every year, we celebrate World Photography Day. You must be wondering why photography day right?

It actually inspires photographers around the world to share a single photo with a simple purpose that is ‘to share their world with the world’.

Does anyone remember the first persons who invented photography? Frenchman Louis Daguerre & Joseph Nicephore

Some facts in regards to photography through the time since its inception:

  • The concept of photography had started way back in the 5th century B.C.
  • In those days it was not everyone’s cup of tea to have photography professionally except the extreme wealthy & professional.
  • It was George Eastman because of whom privilege of photography can be availed by everyone.
  • In 1930, Bresson and other photographers used 35mm cameras to capture images.
  • In 1991, Kodak introduced its first digital camera.

Why photography is synonymous to a heart in our livesPhoto

  • They define what’s important to us

If ever in life we are put in a panic situation where we just need to save ourselves and we only have the option to carry most precious of lives at that we would rescue photos over valuable jewellery.

  • They allow us to share and communicate

Photos that are clicked are much more than just a simple record. Just imagine a click where you have captured a world of strangers in our lives and they turn out to be most pristine ones. Aren’t they powerful enough?

  • They express complex language

Our photographs can express anything from joy to sorrow capturing every single emotion. But sometimes lack of colour in the background can make your head spin because what you clicked lost its charm.

    To sum it up