Writing is a recreational art, and for some, it’s both exhilarating and exorcizing. Nevertheless, maybe not everyone shares the same opinions on the issue. You seem to be in the appropriate spot if you’re one of those who fear that you will have to write anything. Here are a few tips on writing for those who run away from writing tasks:

(1). Swear by the 90 minutes rule!

Most writers swear by the 90 minutes rule. Even if they don’t know what to write, they insist upon sitting on the same spot and procrastinating on what to write, as the more you sit and think, the chances are you will figure something out. Numerous studies have shown that it’s a great way to improve productivity. Rhythm is hardwired in humans, so sitting for 90 minutes straight is a brilliant way to keep the creativity flowing and avoid breakdowns. Even if you despise writing, you should give it a go.

(2). Don’t worry about errors!

Skepticism in your work can be a hurdle to your creativity. Use the Grammarly word plugin for automated grammar and spelling correction to avoid unnecessary headaches so that you can write without worrying about errors. This way, you won’t lose your ideas while rectifying errors. Also, for more satisfaction, you could make your friend proofread your work!

(3). Read!

Reading gives you an idea of how to use perfect words and phrases with respect to the context. If you don’t know the application of the terms, and you are using it just by checking the meaning from a dictionary, you can create blunders! Therefore, reading is the only way you could get better at writing. Not only it will give a sense of how things work, but after a certain point, you will be able to pinpoint grammatical errors just by glancing at the text!

(4). The shorter, the better!

Back when tigers used to smoke, we used to think the longer the essay, the more marks we will fetch! Well, that’s no longer the case. Folks nowadays prefer shorter more to-the-point content rather than long monotonous essays. Try to choose facile English and get to the point swiftly.

(5). Avoid distractions:

Distractions come in all forms; maybe it’s your phone, your sibling, or simply annoying traffic noise. All these hinder your creativity and ability to think! So, while writing something, try to pick a quiet spot or a quiet time slot. Doing so will exponentially boost your productivity.