Took a long breath and dived deep into that pool

It was full of endless possibilities and opportunities

I was here for a purpose and can be termed as purpose of my life

It was my first time down here in the vast folds of nothingness

Uncertainty was at every turn making my pursuit go in vain

Dark and gloomy it was, without any sign of positivity

Everything was flowing by seamlessly, without I, getting hold of anything

Misery and hopelessness darkened my efforts  

It seemed that every inch of my body was in rebellion with me

But kept trying endlessly to put myself back in an unison  

So that my every inch could head for the next round of encounter

Success was sitting and laughing at me from millions of miles

Regardless of all the things I was watching him laugh at me

Keeping the distractions away, I made a completely new honest effort

Thought of covering those millions of miles and reach to the point

This time, I think Gods were favoring me, don’t know why

I was just cruising on my way with the opportunities

Path was rough and rugged but a single step  taken forward was itself a victory

but you know what, after few steps all the difficulties seems to fade away

I just kept my heart and mind at peace and walked down with all the positivity

I worked hard and harder, never left any stones unturned

Now the whole Underwater world was crystal clear and the darkness was gone

I was making my full efforts and closing down the distance

I mark this as the start of my journey

In to the skyscrapers of my dreams.


-Arunav Moitra

I was born in 1996 and aged from there.

When I’m not writing, I’m in search of delicious eats and busy figuring out what to cook.

With the atlas printed on my mind, I dream to travel to each corner of the world. I strongly believe that the lesser known places offer the best rewards.