Anxiety is one of the most dreaded problems among the students, whether they are in school students or college. With lots of stuff in hands like CAs, assignments, midterms exams, majors, and minors, these things, if poorly managed, can lead to severe anger and anxiety issues.

Well, what is anxiety? The World Health Organization clarifies that anxiety is characterized by the feeling of worry and fear that are strong enough to interfere with the daily routine life of a person. So what exactly does it to you? Apart from making the person severely crippled with anxiety and anger, it snatches away the mental peace of the body. And with it will come lots of other issues like the feeling of nausea, lack of sleep, panic attacks, that will finally culminate with pushing the person under a blanket of depression. And that is what we all actually don’t want ourselves to be at that point in our life. In India alone, more than 10 million cases are registered every year and this number has been increasing at an alarming rate with teenagers being their prime victims.

Being a student, it is understandable that there are lots of issues related to studies and personal life; and with our present lifestyle pushing us to be with gadgets and social media all the time, these kinds of things are bound to happen. But one must not fear. Try to focus on the following things:

  • If you feel, you are under the influence of such, then please come forward and share with your parents and loved ones. There is nothing to feel ashamed about it. This can happen to anyone. Getting away with it is much better than being with it for a long time and invite another kind of disorder.
  • Consult a medical practitioner/doctor or a therapist with whom you feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable with a professional is one of the major things which you should look for. It requires a comfortable approach. Thus choose wisely.
  • Leave all the things which you are undertaking for a moment and give yourself a rest. Disconnect yourself from all sources of social media and gadgets. Nourish yourself, give due attention to yourself. Do all those things which give you immense pleasure and happiness. Be with your friends or family, go on long walks, and spend some quality time with your loved ones. And finally, try to avoid all those things that foster negativity.
  • Relax through various other means. Do yoga or meditation, work out, take long baths, take an adequate amount of sleep, hear some light and soulful pieces of music. Do things that make you relax and comfortable.
  • Strictly follow the tips and advice from your doctor/medical practitioner/therapist. Don’t even skip one day of your planned schedule. Missing even a single day affects a lot.
  • And finally, once you recover, reward yourself with anything you desire. Make yourself happy and joyful and be back to what you are.