It is indeed heartening news for foreign aspiring students that LPU is running path-breaking semester abroad programmes at 43 Universities in 22 Countries. Under this unique endeavour, near 150 scholarship seats are available for LPU students. Aspiring students can travel abroad to study a full semester at LPU’s partner universities on 100% scholarship and finish their degree at LPU. It is a gigantic global opportunity to learn about a country at social, academic and professional levels.

In this regard, Additional Director at LPU Mr Aman Mittal informs: “LPU has been working with more than 200 universities across the globe. This year LPU has gone one step ahead and has created the ‘Semester Abroad Program’ where students do not have to pay any tuition fee to a foreign university and can spend one complete semester at universities in various countries including Canada, USA, UK, Australia, France and many more. LPU’s international office will help students in completing the application process, and also support them with the visa process.” For many years, LPU students have been availing this golden opportunity and hundreds of students have travelled abroad through LPU’s unique semester abroad program.

In fact, LPU’s semester abroad program is the most effective way of changing participating students’ view of the world, and changing the view of the world about them. Right from adapting to live in a foreign country, in a different cultural setting by staying with foreigners; a semester abroad is indeed ‘international education in just a 5 months’ duration. Such an experience teaches students a lot of skills along with expertise in interpersonal communications. This ensures the student’s profile stands out during the placement process by showcasing that he/she is able to adapt to a new complex environment.

Students must, at least, spend one academic year at the home university (LPU) to be further eligible to attend the semester abroad programme.

In addition, under its International Credit Transfer Programme, LPU also provides credit transfers to students for 28 programs of 30 Universities in 10 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Dubai, Malaysia and more. Under the credit transfer program, students will study initial 2 years at LPU and the rest 2 years abroad. In the international credit transfer programme, students get the final degree from the foreign partner university.