We definitely are not the same people we once were when we first came to college.  A lot of changes take place- some good, some not-so-good. We make embarrassing, hilarious, sentimental memories with the passage of time. We also notice and accept the fact that things change. And soon we even begin to notice the changes in us which weren’t present before.  Here are few common changes the college brings in us.

  • Better fashion sense


Common changes we all go through in our college life

Yes, we have all seen different memes where people began to go to classes in tracks and t-shirts as at the end of the semester comes near not caring how they look. Though that is true the opposite is true as well. The most common change we find is the improvement in our dressing sense. Cause after all college is the place where you learn all these tricks of the trade, and if not here where would you do your first experiment of mix matching clothes. After all, you are expected to look presentable at all times in the corporate world.

  • Patience  


You live with people who are each unique. Sometimes they might not exactly be your ideal roommate or classmate or even project partner. And going along with them becomes very tough for you especially if you are not used to people not sticking by their words. With time after dealing with a lot of people like that you realize their actions don’t bother you anymore and you don’t even give it a second thought.

  • Meeting deadlines


Common changes we all go through in our college life

Away from family, you end up doing everything for yourself which includes basic tasks. Which before you took for granted because your mother did it like setting your wardrobe or doing laundry etc.. Though they might look easy they are time-consuming and with project deadlines always around the corner you might not find time to get it done. That is when you learn how to juggle time between your priorities and get things done before the deadline. In a way, it prepares you how to balance professional and personal life for the uncertain future.

  • Finding Solutions

Gone is the time when you could whine about your problems for hours and there was always someone to come up with solutions for you. Now you rarely get that luxury. With a lot on the plate, you have to reel your mind to think about the solution rather than the negatives of the situation, which by the way are very tempting and easy compared to addressing the situation at hand. After a while of doing it, you realize that now whenever any problem comes up, you automatically think of solving it rather than dwelling on its negatives.

  • Tactfulness

A lot of times you might not agree with what the person you are dealing with says. But you know you just cannot say it to him or her that they are completely wrong or that you think they are not right. In such cases, you try to convey your opinion through carefully chosen words so you don’t offend them and get your work done. This habit is very useful and appreciated when have to deal with difficult clients in your companies.