What comes to our minds when we talk about the word “college”? Maybe a little freedom in life… Or transformation from a teenager to an adult? There will be many other views but the most evident thought will be the same, providing professional knowledge and making us Job-Ready. In order to transform fully, from a school student to a college student, we need to adopt certain rules in our lives to be a successful college student and launch ourselves towards the dream career that we all have secretly nurtured in our minds. These are the 5 habits we will always find in all the toppers of each and every college :

  • Plan Ahead, Stay Ahead :

Plan ahead, stay aheadTill now in schools, we were provided with the notes and important points which we used to mug-up and then at the end of the year we would happily receive a 95% certificate or a CGPA 10 one. But now the scenario will drastically change. As professional knowledge has no limits, we will have to cover the other sources of information on our own which might not be discussed in the class. Plan early what we need to do, what and how we need to study, manage time according to the plan and yes, you can show your parents your CGPA 10 certificate. Without a proper plan, you will be grasping at straws as the process to mug- up will work no more. For midnight-oil-burners and last-minute-muggers, this is your most important point.

  • Challenging Yourself

ChallengeAll of us know about Bear Grylls, the British adventurer. Let me share an incident of his with you. In 1996, during a sky-diving accident, he broke his 3 vertebrae and the doctors feared if he could run and jump again. But 18 months later, on 16th May 1998, the news came that his expedition was successful and he had reached the top of the Mount Everest. Just imagine, a man who wasn’t even expected to walk again, scaled the Mount Everest. It was possible because he challenged himself and didn’t allow himself to lag behind. The moral of the story is that never lose hope and challenge yourself, again and again, until you succeed. Just a simple rule: Challenge yourself and win laurels. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Managing Surroundings And Friends

managing surroundings and friendsA major section of the college freshers are the ones who have left their home and friends far away for the first time. Yes, at first it is difficult for us to adapt ourselves to the surroundings of the college and make new friends. But adjusting and adapting are the other names of life. Take it easy and don’t rush to make your decisions. Be choosy to make friends as they are the ones with whom you will embark on a hard but rewarding journey to settle your lives. Take proper care of yourselves as you obviously don’t want to lay ill during your initial lectures. Evolve according to the surroundings to excel and exist as Darwin had stated way back in 1859, in his famous “Theory Of Evolution”.

  • Imagining And Virtualisation

ImagineJust imagine a scenario: You are sitting as an employee in your dream company, be it Google, Microsoft, Apple or Amazon. Your best friend calls you as he gets the news of your placement. He is as elated as you are and all the time he keeps praising you. He even asks for a party which you happily approve as you are, now, no short of cash. You are bound to get goosebumps if you imagine it. The central idea is that whenever you feel low, just imagine the dream outcome that you are expecting after completion of the tiring job and you will get a fresh surge of energy out of nowhere. Point to be noted: Don’t tell your best friend about it or he/she will ask a party today itself.

  • Being In Shape

Being in shapeWe are in college and now we are out of our comfort zone. Somewhere in one corner of our heart, we all have the desire to be popular in the college we are in. And the important point is that we don’t need to understand rocket science for that. The first step is to be in shape. When you are properly dressed, have a fit body and have the basic communication skill you are far ahead of your contemporaries. As simple as that. Use perfumes or does, face wash or body wash, hair gel or anything you want, until and unless that doesn’t break the college rules to shape you up. A study showed that the more we keep ourselves tip-top, the more confident we feel. So now, you know the secret, apply it and cast your spell on everyone around you. And yes, do remember to wash your clothes regularly as you want to attract people towards you, not flies and insects.