A mentor is a guide that will not only keep you towards aligned towards your goal but also be a  lifelong bond as a whole.

With freshmen induction has just gone past by, fresh energetic dynamic students have started their journey at the place where you can avail opportunity every second passing by. A campus with lustrous greenery around filled with excitement in the air as soon as you step into a world of possibilities. In every stage of our life, there is a need of a mentor, a guide who can actually put you on track of your life by bringing the element of enlightenment. Just like a phone is lifeless without a battery similarly a student life becomes standstill in this fast-paced world where everyone is self-obsessed with their own.

It’s not only that teachers are great mentors for which the search is always on until we find that gem upon we can trust with closes eyes but also friends who can be the ultimate mentor too because not always you will have the teacher by your side. With new innings started its very important to find someone with whom you are about to make partnership to play then long innings with ultimate comfort.

Some of the ways which can help everyone to find a guide are as follows :


MentorOur university is blessed with industry top most experienced yet most humble whose always there to guide you by going beyond their limits. Whatever course you are pursuing or about to pursue try to be in connect with a mentor as much as you can. For example, the author is pursuing masters from Mittal School of Business whose life has taken a 360-degree turn because of blessed mentors that came on the way throughout. With every individual being very unique & blessed one he or she surely has something up their sleeves that can just amaze everyone, so its natural we will have someone is very focused but we have someone there who although is not focused but has a spark upon him, this is where mentors of Lovely Professional University play a pristine role and help the students in achieving for what they have to land of opportunity miles away from author. Few of those mentors who have made author move forward in his life are Associate Professor of Soft Skills Priti Jain, Associate Professor of Soft Skills Jaspreet Mam & entire teaching staff of Soft Skills & other program mentors too.


MentorYes, you heard it correct, you might have a teacher as the greatest mentor by your side who can help you in academics, but to make you a learned human, your constant companion throughout the journey is your beloved mate with whom you can share happiness, sorrow, joy, excitement, ups & downs. To grow as a person because it’s this friend who will accept you just like the way you are being the mentor of yours throughout your life even when you get a pass out from this university.


MentorAt Lovely Professional University, you are surrounded by an abundance of possibilities everywhere with plenty of workshops, seminars, events happening day in day out. You will surely be surprised to understand & visualize the connect of mentor & event but that’s absolutely true. The author is highly active in extracurricular & co-curricular activities because the love for participation just takes you there. Although the author belongs to the business department, the author is blessed with mentors like Associate Professor Sharmili Ghosh Mam whose also a soft skill mentor of Block 32.