As everyone is aware of the upcoming End Term Exams, so it’s high time for all of us to start preparing for it. Here are some tips for you so that you can prepare well for your End term and will not panic during the exam.

Make a Time-Table

Since the End term is not far away, so it’s time to make a table and follow it accordingly. Make a time table and arrange it according to your class timings and other important activities. You should make a time table so that you can arrange timings for your study and then follow it regularly. This habit will save your maximum time and you can easily complete your syllabus quickly.

Focus on your Online Class

During your online classes, focus well on the topic which your teacher is delivering to you. Focus on the slides provided by your teacher, download the slides and study from it, ask questions when you have doubts and participate in every pole.

Ask questions from your teachers

If you are having any doubt or if you have found something new in your topic then you must ask your query from your teacher to clear your concept and to learn more new things.

Study from various sources

You should prefer good books or references recommended by your faculties and provided in your Instruction Plan (IP), study from the lecture slides provided by your faculty. You can study well from the YouTube videos of some of the best teachers for a better understanding and you must study regularly from the lecture slides to have a good grip on your subject.

Use the time wisely for the upcoming Study leave

Our online classes are going to end soon and we will be getting our study leave. It will be a big opportunity for us. Since you will not be having any classes at that time you will get ample time to finish your whole syllabus and to do revision. Instead of wasting time, you should use that time for your studies.

Practice MCQs

Since the end Term is going to be MCQ based so you should practice more and more MCQs. Practising MCQs will help you to solve the questions faster and correctly during the exam.

Avoid phone and other things of distraction

Avoid using the phone for playing games and chatting and all other activities that cause distraction and focus more on your studies.