Including students from other departments, the students of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication in Lovely Professional University were enlightened by Mr. Kounal Gupta, Founder and CEO of Henry Harvin Education, a Competency and Career Development Organization on 12th April.

Mr. Kounal Gupta

Establishing a set of facts and perceptions about Digital Content Writing, he began the session with an inspiring story of his 77-year old student, brimming with knowledge and experiences and yet keen to discover the dimensions of Content Writing, thus killing the notion that being a student is age bound.

Taking the session further about the subject, he said, “Digital Content Writing isn’t a skill, it is a mandate.” He added weight to the validity of this statement by explaining how the slightest inaccuracies in messages sent through digital communication platforms can lead to miscommunication.

Furthermore, Mr. Kounal discussed the parameters which determine the length of the content, the first being Readability and Searchability the second. Describing Readability as the ease with which we read the content, he highlighted the fact that the low “Interest Level” and “Attention Span” of readers severely affects it. On the other hand, the vitality of elements like Bold and Italics for increasing Readability of content was also discussed.

The session aimed at touching almost every corner of the world of Digital Content Writing and thus, it efficiently demonstrated that successfully pursuing the career requires a great deal of Research and Observation. Humour was induced when the importance of research and observation was proved necessary even in fake news writing. The light was shed on various skills required to be a proficient Content Writer, like Website Designing skills, Graphics Designing skills, etc.

The students were wisely advised that the easy way to explore a new area is to develop a skill in it. The session additionally emphasized on traits like a good body language and patience which are essential for cracking interviews of large MNCs like IBM.

Mr. Shivam Dubey, Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing and PR acted as the co-facilitator of the session. Mr. Kounal Gupta made sure that every dimension of Digital Content Writing was taken into consideration, thus converting the session into a very informative one.