Ankit Tiwari’s Voice Wins Hearts at LPU Campus


It was just a few years ago when everyone was drowned in the tunes of songs like “Sun raha hai na tu” and “Galliyan teri galliyan.” And the songs could be spotted in almost everyone’s playlist. Everyone at the LPU Campus was yet again devoured when Ankit Tiwari performed live here on 18th of September.

Ankit Tiwar Live Concert LPU
Ankit Tiwari Performing live at LPU Campus

Famous singer Ankit Tiwari was here to promote for his original creation “Tum Har Dafa Ho.” The Bollywood sensation is famous for his mesmerizing songs in “Ashiqui 2.” The live concert took place at Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis. The ecstatic fans started gathering at the venue at 4 pm were found clicking pictures and capturing the memories. On this occasion, LPU students of Film Production and Journalism got important Bollywood entry tips from him.

Audience Clicks Pictures as Ankit Tiwari Performs LiveAudience Clicks Pictures as Ankit Tiwari Performs Live

Interacting with LPU students, Ankit Tiwari told: “If I get perfect opportunity, I will work for the music of different genres. However, I do not want that my songs and music is vulgar in any way.” He also informed students how in different songs he has used the changed forms of Guitar, Sitar, drums, santoor, flute and more. He also shared that his such changed versions were beautifully appreciated by the persons in the music industry.

Ankit Tiwari Performing live at LPU Campus
Ankit Tiwari Performing live at LPU Campus

In a message to students, he informed that each and every work needs hard-work for success the thing needed for this is devotion and passion. Success never follows soon; however, in order to gain it we should not get astray. The world is full of good persons also and adopting a positive attitude we should act in accordance to the suggestions of the people around us. He also shared how he impressed upon famous Bollywood producer and director Mahesh Bhatt and Mohit Suri through his composition “Sun Raha Hai Tu”