Finally, here the university marks an end to the ongoing annual open global fest, YouthVibe 2020. The four-day event was quite thrilling and exceptional with just a lot going on around the whole campus every single day. Diverse as the university’s culture the fest was a combination of literary, sports, technical, cultural, social, and media events. On the other hand, the live concerts happened every day to freshen up the students and keep the energy level high and prepared for the other day.

Art: the word itself makes us visualize stuff that we actually live for. Whether be it paintings or sculptures, designing a home or dancing to a beat, grooving into music or some great poetry, well everything is an art. and to bring it into existence, events, and fests like this are a must. Taking into a level higher every time the organizing team, DYC (a student body organization), kept events that are rapidly growing hobbies/ passion turned to careers field. The university witnessed face painting and story on canvas exhibition in its last two days in the art & craft category.

  • Story on Canvas and its Exhibition

Storytelling has been a part of mankind for very long. since childhood until old age, we listen and create stories living all through every phase of life. Whether it be fantasies or describing a plot, we create stories everywhere. The difference comes here when it is portrayed through paintings. Sketches, drawings, color, and shades have been playing a major role in communication throughout human life.

The solo participation main event was held on the 15th of February. The topic was given on point with a duration of 150 min. Students were asked to bring the accessories required themselves and were given options to choose between ivory, oil, and watercolor sheets. There were certain judging criteria to check the aesthetic of the work and the top two students were rewarded INR 3000 and 1500 respectively. However, all the paintings were kept on exhibition besides the face painting event the next day.

  • Face Painting

Face painting is a subset of body painting, the art of applying colors on human skin. History depicts face painting has had roots from an early age. People belonging to a certain community used to draw on faces as their unique identity. With the changing time and technologies, body painting got a little diminished but came again in the rise in another form as tattoos. Now the people are re-reading history by learning this skill for entertainment and special effects.

This 2-hour event was to be performed in groups. The materials used were brought by students as the ones who do it are the ones who know what is best for them. The topic was assigned on the spot and the participants were later judged on the base of their uniqueness, effectiveness, and overall impact.

Well also for you to know, there are 64 types of art under 3 basics, visual, literal and performing art in India. Pick up one that fascinates you because it’s never too late to try something new. Also, “the art of a human is a true mirror of their mind” and everything creative is an art.