All of you have already witnessed how grand this year’s One World event has already become with staggering country-wise representations by all the schools of our university. Along with the confounding renditions of countries around the globe, the Department of Fine Arts has a full quarter of art exhibitions at the entrance of Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis as if all these fantasies weren’t already enough!

Having fun out here? Me too! I’m quite sure I’m not the only one highly overwhelmed by the atmosphere created here, it feels ecstatic and magical at the same time. As you know that different countries are being represented by different schools, and 22 countries are being demonstrated this time showing zeal and enthusiasm. It’s amazing how students came up and participated in this mega-event to make it as breathtaking as it always has been down the lane. Also, if you have visited Block-18 playground (Helipad area), there are food, clothes, and various other stalls installed there where you can go, roam around, chill, and eat.

My four years of experience here at LPU has always made me flabbergasted by the intensity and the amount of the events conducted here and to be honest, I wait for One World or One India (whichever takes place) every year and appreciate the inventiveness and the blood and sweat of the students.

Well, did I get swayed from the topic? Let’s come back to it, we can see tremendous art exhibitions by the Department of Fine Arts which include traditional dolls, Madhubani arts, 3-D paintings, vases, sculptures, etc. 

The 3-D paintings are extraordinary as you can all look at, with impressive sculptures and dolls with a raw touch of the state of Punjab, something you’ll love to witness live. The Madhubani arts look stupefying too, displayed over a table in the center steals the thunder. Also, you can make a portrait of yours at various rates starting from A4 at Rs. 500, A3 at Rs. 1000, and A2 at Rs. 1500. Worth it, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for, go and visit and have the same phenomenal experience as I did today!

Won’t be wrong if I say the first day has been explosive, the event started with a bang and will expect a lot more in the next two days given the type of stunning beginning it had. Looking forward to two more days full of fun and entertainment and evenings full of delight and gratification.