Have you ever wondered how a student gets a discount or a free product? Students usually don’t have enough money to buy premium products, that’s why many companies are giving their products for free to students. Let’s find out what are the benefits of having an email ID from your university/college.

What is a University/college Email-ID for Students?

Every university has its website mostly ending with .edu/.in and email associated with the domain. If any students get enrolled in a University they will get an email id associated with the university. This email ID will help companies to identify students.

How to get LPU Email-ID?

Every student in LPU will get their university email ID on “message” on UMS, but somehow if you haven’t received it, you can always go to Block 30 and ask for details. You can also send mail to infotech@lpu.co.in, and you will get your email-ID.

In case you forgot password for the university email then you can send mail request along with a copy of your university ID card to infotech@lpu.co.in.

Benefits of having a university Email-ID

GitHub Student Developer Pack

If you are a computer science student then the GitHub Student Developer Pack is for you and it helps you a lot. Many companies have partnerships with GitHub to provide free resources to students. First of all, you need to verify your university email ID and then you will get many free tools included with GitHub Developer student, like:

  • GitHub pro
  • Microsoft Azure cloud service
  • Namecheap 1 year free domain
  • AWS Cloud
  • Unity Student Plan Free


JetBrains is popular for its IDE’s that are mostly paid. If you want to use the most powerful IDE for your programming but you don’t have enough money then JetBrains will give you Free premium products like PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, and many more. You will have to verify your email ID every year and after that, you can use JetBrains premium products.


Canva is used for graphic design and photo editing. If you want to make some good quality designs, then Canva is giving a 1-year free premium subscription to students. You can edit photos and make unique designs and use premium content for free for 1 year. Now you can also edit videos on Canva with a premium account.


Spotify will give you a discount on their premium music plan. You just have to verify your college email ID with Spotify and get a premium plan at a very less price.

Free Office 365 with 1TB OneDrive

If you have LPU email ID then you will get Free Office 365, which means you will get all products including Office 365 without any price. Also, you will get 1TB OneDrive space. Just log in with your LPU email ID and password on Microsoft and download Office 365.

There are many other products which are free for students.

  • LastPass discount
  • Newegg Premier discount
  • Apple product discount
  • Microsoft DreamSpark discount
  • Autodesk discount
  • Dell discounts