Change and advancements are the inevitable law of nature. Well, this is what exactly goes on with data. Data are facts and figures (numerical) but this right now has become the oil of the 21st century. Naturally, with data’s growing importance, data science has become one of the most attractive career options, so let’s talk a little more about it:

What is Data Science?

Putting it simply, it is the art of deriving knowledge and valuable insights from the available dataset. So, it is an interdisciplinary field deriving its basis from subjects like statistics, machine learning, database management, data analysis, etc.

Important subjects of Data Science

  • Probability and Statistics

It’s like the basic mathematics for manipulating data. Whether it be mean, median, and mode or distribution like Poisson and binomial you should have a command over it to have an upper hand.

  • Programming

Comes the role of coding when the amount of data is too big, and you have to automate tasks leading to time and effort efficiency. Python and R are the two most recommended languages.

  • Database Management

As Data Science is all about dealing with data so a database is needed to store and retrieve your data in tabular format with suitable properties.

  • Machine Learning (ML)

ML is all about training your computer to perform tasks itself without the explicit assistance of a programmer. The main use of ML is to construct a model that can predict outcomes based on data.

Career aspects

Some of the popular career options in data science are-

  • Data Analyst

A data analyst is required to process the organization’s data and provide answers to various questions being raised and commute them to different departments.

  • Data Scientist

Having many similarities with data analytics, a data scientist has more freedom. As the title suggests they carry their experiments on data to derive hidden insights and also build models to predict future outcomes.

  • Data Engineer

The role of a data engineer is to maintain the data infrastructure of the organization so that analysts and scientists can work on it. It demands good software development and programming skills.

While the above reflects only some of the basics of the field, data science is a vast subject. Continuously ranked among the top highest paid job in recent years it has become the next job trend.