Mid-terms and initial CA’s are over, and many students are happy and excited about their performance, but many freshers are feeling low as they faced this pattern for the first time and worked hard but didn’t get the expected output.

No need to worry, many other opportunities are still present in your university. Here is the short guide to be excel in those opportunities and perform marvellously.

CA’s and Attendance 


Many subjects first CA’s are done and there is no point to feel disappointed if your result in that is below expectation. Maximum subjects take the best of 2 out of 3 CA’s so just stop thinking about the past and start listening to lectures carefully in the class. Start making notes and solving doubt immediately in the respective classes. CA’s hold 25% weight and you can easily take all of that just by being a little more sincere in the class. Also, from now on try not to skip any classes and balance your attendance over 90% to get full marks in attendance.



Many subjects don’t have options of 3 CA’s but instead of that, they have the option of projects or presentations of the same marks. This is an open opportunity to score bull’s eye in CA’s marks. You can easily score more than 90% in these works. First, arrange original material for your work, don’t copy it from the internet, second make it as creative as you can because your first impression will surely give you marks privilege, last but most important practice it in the room before class submissions. Also, start working on projects as soon as it is assigned because you will get more time to think uniquely.

More Self-study


It takes time for freshers to catch the flow of the college system and it’s normal. But now is the time to increase your potential and work harder. Class lectures are enough for CA’s and even other exams. But the thing that will make you stand out from others is the amount of self-study you do. Distribute your subjects a particular duration, make a schedule, follow it strictly and try at least to revise today’s classwork and before mid-term materials regularly.

End Terms


End terms have the potential to bounce your CGPA even if you haven’t performed well in mid-terms or some CA’s. It holds directly 50% of total marks. Most of the paper is both MCQ and subjective mix. So, the best way to prepare for the end term is:

  • Start practising MCQ questions of every topic especially topic that is covered before the midterm.
  • Start making long questions from every segment of chapters because the end term consists of various long answer questions.

Revise and revise regularly. That’s the only key to perform brilliantly amazing in the midterm. Don’t waste a single minute, utilize your maximum time in revising and practicing the taught course.