Chasing Dreams



Growing up as a kid we’ve all come across the most frequently asked question that is, What do you want to be when you grow up?… And the answer would probably be a teacher, a doctor, or a scientist. Our young innocent hearts were floating in a continuous cycle of dreams and ambitions that would change in quite many ways. Determined and fixated in chasing our dreams in such a way that interference of any form would be no threat on our road to attainment of success. Reality could not play us because our dreams had our backs.

As we grow older, we become subjected to reality and focus our conscious towards something that would bring us down. Our will and determination fades slowly and steadily, as we give in to the world around us, and chasing dreams becomes chasing reality. Melancholy overshadows our ability to maintain our run towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Why is it that we don’t feel the driving force we felt when we were young and innocent …though our young hearts were chasing after dreams beyond our reach, we were still looking toward it with much hope and believe. We were young hearts with big dreams. Now, our will of fire rusted and damaged, we have lost our own way toward better promises and stories. Life became a continuous cycle of compromises and let-downs with dreams lying dormant at the other end.

Reality has its own way of presenting itself in much chaotic and unpredictable scenes at times. And though we are met with challenges and hardships at times in our life, we shouldn’t compromise our dreams just to ease ourselves for a brief moment. The difficulties we face now would be rewarding at the other end of the tunnel, where the light is in clear visibility.

Why let an unfortunate day, or week, or month, stop us from chasing dreams of better days and better life. To those times when our hearts were young, and filled with great passion and will, that is what we need to give birth to. To be on the road to chasing our own respective dreams without letting any interference distract our focus.

Revive the will of fire in you, and begin chasing dreams, for tomorrow holds in itself the promises and stories we desire the most.