“A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.”– Thomas Keller

It is completely aligned with life too. Food constitutes a large part of one’s life as food is a necessity. Along with being a necessity, food is one of the very few everyday things that has remained the same since humanity’s early days. The only difference is that now it is much more than a necessity. It has become a passion and a way of living for some people. 

LPU’s Dragcon organized a talk show with the MasterChef Shipra Khanna Ma’am to get into the food realm. She started with addressing the youth and revealed that she always wanted to talk to the youth of the country, especially the students of LPU because they are crucial to the country. 

Interesting Conversation with Masterchef Shipra Khanna organized by Dragcon LPU

She had great philosophies regarding passion and all the things that get into becoming successful. She was adamant about the thought that belief and determination will take you anywhere and everywhere. According to her, dedication and passion go together to lay down the path to success. One of the most significant setbacks is self-doubt which usually leads to failure. 

Exotic Conversation with Masterchef Shipra Khanna organized by Dragcon LPU2

She was very vocal about women’s empowerment. She has faced many challenges being a woman in a man-dominated industry. She told the viewers that she met a lot of challenges on the road to proving herself. Sometimes opportunities were not there, so she had to make opportunities. She had an exciting thought. She said that woman empowerment is just a woman giving power to another woman to break free. I could resonate and understand this perspective of hers. It is a scarce and unique thing that she shared with all the youth. She showed resilience in her challenging times and never gave up. She has reinvented and innovated the meaning of resilience. She emphasized the fact that one should not let anybody tell them that one is not good enough. You need to have self-belief in sustaining in any situation. Quoting her, “Just believe in yourself.” 

Interesting Conversation with Masterchef Shipra Khanna organized by Dragcon LPU

She also says that it will not be accessible in any aspect, but you will have to keep moving. In another segment, she revealed that she loves to do creative activities like making paintings. She used her time to do social work also. She loves to give back to society. She used a lot of her time doing charity events and feeding people who were worst phases of their lives. This proved that she is genuinely a MasterChef as she uses her skills to provide people and embrace humanity.