Examination stress has a variety of effects on most students. This strain needs to be eradicated, and we need to find different approaches to reduce the likelihood of exhaustion and risk of mental burnout.

Exams can be cotton slush for a few students, revision is intuitive to them, and with their eyes closed, they could ace an exam. However, with some, the watery eyes, perspiring palms, and a racing heart are just part of the package, and nothing seems more daunting than to sit and revise. Perhaps exams are meant to be traumatic by definition. Our challenge is to canalize tension and to prevent anxiety from taking over, and avoid obscure concern. 

Having mental burnouts ahead of exams seems like the new norm amongst students; this is on top of a relapsing pandemic in 2021, destroying lives.

Here are some tips that can get you through your exams to put a stop to those pesky little butterflies and to banish those huge stomping hippos.

(1). Treat Yourself!

Exam Stress Knock it off!

While it might sound easy to shift your social and other commitments away while your exams are knocking on your door, you must treat yourself. Give yourself the time to see your buddies virtually, as every other day India goes in & out of the lockdown & curfews. Getting involved in other aspects of your life will allow you to resume your learning, review your courses, and overall excellence in your final grades. Take an actual day off, get yourself engaged in a relaxing walk, evenings with your buddies, or a soothing bath to do something about yourself.

(2). Smile!

Exam Stress Knock it off!

It is also the strain that we put on ourselves to get a grade that can lead to burnout and anxiety. In addition, pessimistic thinking patterns might also lead to a lack of self-confidence. During the examination, anything new or complicated may not be enough to take you down, as long as you have adequately practiced. Use your exams to flaunt your expertise and competencies. Show your professors how much you have learned and prove to yourself. Stay assured that you will smack the following exams and note that you have aced the previous exams with flying colors, so there is no excuse why you won’t go through it too.

(3). Socialize!

In my experience, it is quite easy to shut yourself down for hours, taking your notes along, and see nobody all day. It’s okay for a brief duration, particularly if that’s how you revise best, but I think it is just as critically important to ensure that you spend some time together with your friends or talk with another person. It is doubtful that we will see each other much if we all graduate this year, so I certainly make the most of having as many amazing friends today!

(4). Breathe!

Deep breathing is an effortless yet efficient way of soothing and regulating fear and paranoia. Whenever the tension levels start to rise, try to take some deep breaths while preparing, waiting to reach the test site, or attempting an online exam. Inhale, then count of five and exhale, then count of six to slow down the breathing. If you prolong the exhalation to be more than the inhalation, the body starts turning on your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which in turn will cool you down. Focusing on something so straightforward as respiration often helps calm the pounding thoughts by doing something temporary and relaxing.

(5). Talk it off!

Exam Stress Knock it off!

While these tactics might assist you in alleviating tension and anxiety through exams collectively, it can be an ongoing struggle for those who feel overwhelmed or distressed. Talk a way out of it with someone to find new answers. Seeking assistance will reassure you that you are not alone, and eventually, you will even stop overthinking.

Best of luck!
Happy studying!
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