The first year is considered as your shaping year in the university. Despite academics, you must be conscious of other things and issues like habits and pressure handling. Usually, students just either get stuck only in studies or other activities which may block their overall progress and sometimes make them depressed. Here are a few points that need to be concerned from the beginning of your college for overall growth.

  • Peer pressure

HabitsThere are varieties of students coming from different areas and educational background. You may find many of them are much smarter than you. Initially, the teachers may appreciate those students, and everyone wants to be like them. But remember don’t ever compare yourself with anybody in the class or surrounding. They make be best in the work right now and this is because they may have a different educational background. Don’t try to be like anyone, everyone is unique, and they have their timeline to show up their talent. So just relax and focus on giving your best every time.

  • Extra-curricular

Extra curricularUsually, students bind themselves with the flow of the college and focus only on the academics forgetting about their overall development. College provides an enormous number of activities and medium to grow yourself extraordinarily. You should engage yourself in clubs, events, contest, sports and activities which can enhance your skills. Extracurricular is as important as academics because in the end no one just checks your grades they will see how better you upgraded yourself from the previous version.

  • Habits

HabitsThese are something by which anyone can directly predict your progress and your future. You should focus on your goals and organizing the habits which are needed to reach that goal. Start writing journals, timetable, track your daily progress and correct the faults. Start exercising which will enhance your blood circulation and increasing your activeness and focus in class and sports. Also, choose your friends wisely because you may find people who are involved in non-healthy activities and you should avoid it.

  • Enjoying your self

Enjoying your selfCollege students usually forget the essential thing, self-happiness between the exams and daily challenges. You should enjoy your company, feel proud but never satisfied and this helps in self-motivation and self-improvement. Always try to do the things that make you happy. Give time to your hobbies like painting, dancing reading books or join clubs on the campus. Try new things to make new friends and balance your academics life with a social one.