Since its inception, Lovely Professional University has managed to build a reputation and stand in a league of its own while being compared to the elite universities from all over. And that’s tangible enough when you take a quick look at the rankings of the Lovely Professional University, as it’s ranked among the finest universities in India & the world. Perhaps, therefore it’s not surprising that every year, Lovely Professional University mesmerizes thousands of international students from all over the globe. That’s principally because of the Lovely Professional University’s flagship B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering and its jaw-dropping placements.

Afresh, Lovely Professional University has placed five of its jewels: Harjinder SinghMukkara SravanthiRahul YadavSitesh RoySumit Kumar Nayyar from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at OptmyzrInc. bundled with an extravagant super dream CTC of 25+ LPA. Optmyzr is a PPC optimization platform that gives search marketers the tools and insights to quickly execute strategies for accounts of any size, diversity, or complexity.

Studying at Lovely Professional University gives Vertos a chance to first handedly experience the multilingual and all-embracing campus known as the potpourri of all cultures with an irresistible academic twist and charm. Lovely Professional University offers world-class education with 300+ courses while stressing cross-disciplinary studies. That’s the reason why Vertos are so successful!

The management at Lovely Professional University through its different sources and alumni networks constantly offers lucrative employment opportunities to Vertos. Although it’s ultimately upon the Vertos to grab those opportunities, the Centre of Professional Enhancement offers absolute guidance & support to all the Vertos throughout their placement journey.

At Lovely Professional University, every course has its own placement wing responsible for organizing placement-specific events like workshops, seminars, CV reviews, mock interviews to prepare students for the corporate world, and continuing Lovely Professional University’s decade-long legacy of impeccable placements. So much that one can easily find Lovely Professional University’s graduates all over the world, and the Lovely Professional University has consistently been listed as the preferred hiring destination among corporates.