This is what LPU does. It always pushes its students to try new things and do more than an average person can and that is what makes us unique and proud as a student of LPU.

In a similar fashion, LPU alumnus Mr. Ravinder Kumar who was a Diploma CSE student from 2018-2021 here at LPU has opened a startup names Foodibles India that connects local food areas like dhabas, mess, and food courts on their website allowing workers, students, and others the leisure of having home-cooked food delivered at their doorstep anytime that is both budget-friendly and easily accessible.

This has proven to be a huge help for the ones who are not able to cook their food regularly due to studies or work and the ones not willing to afford high-class food every day. The founder Mr. Ravinder Kumar says that his major responsibilities are taking corporate decisions and management of the total resources of the company. Abhinav Raj, the CTO and Product Manager of the company manages the web operations along with the admin and customer panels. Ayush Srivastava, the COO of the company oversees and regulates the daily functionality, both administrative and operational of the business run by them. Aman Raj, the Product Director does the strategic planning as well as the management of the portfolio of products.

Recently, this startup has received funding of Rs. 3 lakhs from Invest Punjab which has dignified the program and allowed it to be more accessible to common people like us. This amount will surely define its position in the market amidst all the competition from other food delivery-based companies and make it grow higher and higher. We wish him all the best in future endeavors.