The people who dream to be successful in life believe that “Failing is not a choice and quitting is never an option, it’s your consistent efforts for achieving the goals that make you successful.”

My Unscripted Moments is a quarantine event organised by Student Organisation United Nations Youth Community (UNYC) working under the aegis of Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University that aims at bringing a few personalities live over an Instagram live session who have made an exceptional pace over the society in the recent times whether it may be in the field of research, or technology or something else.

Chapter – 1

In the very first chapter of My Unscripted Moments, team UNYC invited Mr. Mukul Sharma who has a YouTube channel name stufflistings. Mr. Mukul Sharma is Ex-Army personnel and former Assistant Professor and Soft Skills Trainer at Lovely Professional University. Now, he is a fast pacing Indian YouTuber. “Stufflistings” is his channel name. One can get the best reviews concerning all the tech stuff from his channel.

My Unscripted Moments organised by UNYC

Through “My Unscripted Moments” he shared his plethora of knowledge with all the viewers. He advised and guided the students regarding how to work for getting into the army. Thereafter shared his views about how to crack placement exams and how to work effectively to make yourself and your work productive. The session came to end with a lot of information with regards to life and exploring new fields.

Chapter – 2

The second chapter of My Unscripted Moments was held with the Senior Associate Director KPMG India, Mr. Sahil Nayar. He was an exceptional personality with a plethora of knowledge. He shared his thoughts with regards to the all-round development of an individual.

My Unscripted Moments organised by UNYC

Through “My Unscripted Moments” he shared his views and ideas about working in the corporate world and explained his quote, “You really get what you got when others get what you got.” He said that if you achieve something big and others didn’t get to know its value and priority then the achievement made by you is not that worthy, you need to hustle more and make your achievement count.

Chapter – 3

The third chapter of My Unscripted Moments was held with Ms. Shammy Wadud who is the President of UNYSAB (United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh). She is a cancer survivor and has made her life extraordinarily beautiful. She is the Ambassador of Coach Surfing (a platform of cultural exchange and travelling) and also she is the broadcaster of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).

My Unscripted Moments organised by UNYC

Through My Unscripted Moments, she was able to share her ideas about dealing with negativities present around us. She even shared her story of how she overcame cancer and worked on herself and made herself capable enough to lead the UNYSAB. The lady even shared her journey as an entrepreneur as the Managing Director of an India-Bangladesh joint venture. She is an example of women empowerment who led her life to be extraordinarily different even after so many difficulties in life.