One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” ― Shannon L. Alder

It’s not always about “me”, nor always about “you”, but it can be always for “us”. What we are right now is somewhat because of the society too, each and everything we are doing right now is linked to the society in some way or the other, it’s exactly the reason why humans are “social animals”. But what about giving something back? Analyze what you have done today, is there something you have done that some element or the other in the community around you have been benefitted from? If yes, then congratulations, today, you have put the literary term “Community Service” into practice in the real world.

Community Service

So, what does the term “Community Service” mean? It is a form of action, either voluntary or involuntary, performed by an individual or a group of individuals having a common intention that assists people of that particular community. But why community service? Well, there are a lot of reasons, in fact too many to be covered here. So, let us gaze over a few of the main points below:

  • We are not going somewhere far to do community service. We are doing it here only, in the place where we live, where we study, or even where we go out for a walk. Sure, you are working for benefit of others, but in turn, you are getting your place better than what it was earlier. Suppose, your welfare organization has decided to contribute money and set up dustbins throughout the colony. Remember, the next day, when you will go out for a walk, you will see a lot of fewer plastics scattered on the roads than that you saw earlier.
  • Community Service isn’t as easy as it seems. Organizing members, collecting and organizing funds, handling manpower, proper planning and execution, setting up departments and so on. You will never realize when you have learned management and leadership skills, team-work and learn how to take responsibility. Believe me, society never returns you empty-handed.
  • It will definitely re-energize yourself. Its quite joyful to take a break from the daily schedule, to do something that will bring a smile to souls around you and bring you a sense of self-satisfaction. Having stress and depression? Go out, do something for the people, and watch them smile because of you. Congratulations, those smiles will act as an antidote to your stress for a few days. So, the next time you are stressed and depressed, you know what to do.

Community Service

Basically, everything you do, keeping the other people as subjects can be regarded as a form of “Community Service”. What can we do either individually or collectively, with the minimum number of resources and manpower? Options are many. The most considerable ones are to:

Organizing a blood donation camp, free health camp, clothes and winter garments distribution, partner with the government for volunteering in camps organized for the less-privileged ones, donate your birthday party expenses to a charity or relief funds, organizing a cleanliness drive, giving free tuitions to the children of the less-privileged ones, spend some quality time in a retirement home or an orphanage and donate food materials or money to the trust. The list will go on. But all we need to step out and do something. Remember every help helps. And the chapter doesn’t end as soon as you return home after a service, you help the society when it needs, the society will help you when you need it.

 “To give someone a piece of your heart is worth more than all the wealth in the world.
– Michael Jackson