Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise – is a phrase which most of us have been hearing since our childhood days. But now the times have drastically changed. Although the university alarm wishes us good night at sharp 9 pm, it’s like the start of the evening for the majority of us which stretches until 2 am (or even longer).

While we may have our reasons to stay up so long and be late for tomorrow but a little change in our habit to wake up early may benefit us immensely. Let us see how:

Fresh and Cool Mind

We have been often advised by our elders to study early in the morning because a fresh mind after a good-night sleep can enhance your performance manifold times.

Well, the reason appeals for an exhausted mind late night won’t do much good as compared to a cool mind in the morning.

Health benefits

It is recommended to take at least 6 hours of sleep and the best time to go to bed is in the range of midnight when the night is darkest. This timing makes an individual get up early.

Also, a short round of workout and yoga would help you to maintain your health which otherwise you would never think of doing in your whole day.

Organize your life

You can also use this time for solid kickstart of your day by not only completing your pending tasks, following your daily routine (that essentially includes breakfast) but also planning your day in advance.

Verdict of Science

Numerous researches point out very interesting results about early wakers. It concludes that they have a positive thought pattern as compared to their late-night counterparts. Additionally, they are more proactive, persistent and cooperative thus directly excelling their performance.

The above reasons may persuade you but again you may encounter another problem as to how to wake up early for it may be nearly impossible for many of us to stick to it.

The best solution to this problem is to inculcate this habit bit-by-bit in you (by just waking 10 minutes earlier than yesterday) and eventually you will see a significant change in body clock.