Today, we all are witnessing the current scenario of the Novel Coronavirus, which is officially named as COVID-19. The virus has infected over 3 lakh people across 188 countries and it is even increasing its reach.

As a result, classes have been suspended in almost all the universities; shopping malls are closed, cinema halls are vacant, even the transportation system is temporarily halted.
The COVID-19 has made a huge impact on the global economy and education of the youngsters, as CBSE Senior Secondary School Examination (Class XII Boards) has been postponed because of this.

Amid this, Lovely professional University came up with an idea of Online teaching for this period, until classes open. The major steps are


LPU LIVE is a messenger app which is providing an architecture of virtual classrooms. A group is being created for each individual subject. Group has all the students of the section along with their subject teacher. Students are advised to ask, discuss the problems with the teacher on that platform without any hesitation. Teachers are supporting and helping the students to learn even from their home.

Online Teaching amid COVID-19 Outbreak


For some courses, faculties are not only providing adequate study materials, notes, ppt’s but also, they are providing a video (self-recorded) explaining the concepts for the students. e.g. “Derivation of Length of Open belt” (A topic of DOM-II, in Mechanical Engineering) is being explained by the Assistant Professor Puneet Sharma, Mechanical Engineering by a video lecture.

Students are cooperating with the teachers by learning from home and asking doubts:

Online Teaching amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Teachers are trying their best to teach online. By this, students can maintain the continuity of their studies. For the students, it just needs an internet connection.

Like Japan and many other developed countries, Lovely Professional University too has started teaching the students remotely (e-learning) if the colleges are closed because of the fortuitous circumstance for a limited time.

Soon, the classes will be re-opened. Till then, cooperate and utilize online teaching.

Spend time with your loved ones, and family. Stay fit. Keep learning.