Living on your own is cool. Some people feel okay with this solo living. Patients of homesickness slip through this slippery slope of random mood swings and depressed states. Life is hard from their POV. Let’s look at some ways to tackle this.

  • Call your parents

This is the best way to overcome homesickness. Share what you’re feeling and why you are sad with your siblings and parents. This will give you a guaranteed relief off this state. Eventually, you’ll feel better.

  • Speak with your friends


Gather up your friends and talk to them for a reasonable amount of time, until you feel the state fading away. Do mischiefs, if possible.☺

  • Eat up new foods


Grab your stuffed up wallet and go wild on the street food and all cuisines. This will definitely make you feel awesome than ever. Go lion on it!

  • Play a sport


Yep, the best way to avoid the depression generated as a consequence of homesickness can be minimized by keeping your body busy. Doing some hard physical work. Playing sports is a great option.

  • Watch a movie


Grab a popcorn bucket and a crazy friend. Go to movies or just be in your dorm room and turn up a playful motion. You’ll feel good.

  • Sleep up


*Self Explanatory* ; )

  • Learn some new stuff


Being homesick makes your graph go pale. It’s good to learn some new stuff, occupy yourself with something.

  • Go visit a place


“We all deserve little wanderlust!”

Be happy!