A developer is a computer science specialist who creates software and applications. They have skills and experience in the use of computer programming languages, with which they write codes that do the functioning of the software. Experienced developers have specialization in one or more fields of software development like web development or database development.

It is possible to become or work as a developer without having computer science or formal qualifications. However, many employers usually prefer candidates with qualifications in computer science. So, attending coding boot camps will be a great choice for someone who doesn’t belong from a computer science background. These boot camps are very useful and take you from little or no coding experience to job-ready in 3 months.

Why be a developer?

If you are planning to become a developer but aren’t sure about this idea, here are some facts or data that may help you:

  • Currently, there is a huge demand for developers across the globe.
  • The work is going to be assigned according to your interest – once you become a developer, you will be able to work on a huge range of projects such as from game development to e-commerce website development or from mobile apps to artificial intelligence. Almost these skills are transferable between each of these areas hence you are not interlocked into a single job.
  • The workplace can be flexible, as most of your work will be reading and writing codes so all you need is a computer. This means it can be done anywhere and anytime. There has been an increase in the number of remote developers who work from home or while traveling the world.

What is the best programming language to learn?

Some of the best programming and trending programming languages that may help you to become a good developer are-

  • Java- Java is a class-based and object-oriented programming language used by millions of developers and big companies. If you want to be an android app developer then you should learn Java. It is an open-source Language thus anyone can learn it without spending a penny.
  • Python- It is an interpreted language and it is getting very popular among developers. It is an open-source and powerful language that is very easy to learn. This language has several benefits such as it is simple and easy to use, it is objects-oriented, compatible, adopt test drive development, and free.
  • JavaScript- JS is a Client-side language and when we say client-side it means that the language communicates with the Web Browser to allow users to Web page interactivity. Client-side language differs from server-side languages such as PHP. Hence, it’s a language used to communicate with the user and the demand for this language will not decrease.

Average developer salary

The salaries of a developer are based on various factors, and some of them are:

  1. The number of projects made and the proper grip on the programming language.
  2. Years of experience in coding.
  3. Location does matter to the salaries of the developer this is because a good and developed nation attract MNCs and thus they need the developer to do their works.
  4. Problem-solving and creative mind, helps the developer to come up with new ideas.

So talking about on average, salaries for a software developer range from 5 to 6 lakhs per annum. Whereas for full-stack developers at the beginning stages earn around 6 lakhs on an average and it can exceed more than 7 lakhs per annum with the level of experience.