Coding is not a word it’s a feeling. In 21st century half of the world’s youth are fascinated by coding, game development, website development, etc. But, like every seed needs land to germinate, every coder needs a laptop to grow himself as a developer.

For this reason, it is necessary to choose laptops wisely under your budget so that you never face problems in the future while making your dream projects. So, let’s discuss how to choose the best laptop in your budget.

Features  we all should check out while buying a laptop

1. Check For Ryzen Or i5: i5 is more powerful and has more speed but Ryzen 5 has more threads. Also, they are somewhat similar in performance and depend on users’ requirements (note: i7 is for a high level of video editing and some strong interface work so if you are a beginner you should avoid it for cost-cutting.)

2. CPU: Only check-out For Latest Intel Gen (Nowadays Gen11th). CPU is the most important part of laptop as it defines the power of laptop.

3. Threads And Cores(Good Speed 2400-3200): Select the laptop with more threads and cores as it enhances the speed of the laptop.

4. RAM(DDR4): For coders, 8GB ram is enough and can come in low budget but check for laptops with an extendible ram for future needs.

5. SSD OR HDR: If your budget is quite good, go for SSD as it is fast and will support great performance but if your budget is low go for HDR laptop with [m:2] slot so that you can input SSDD chip in the future that will become more economically efficient.

6. BRAND: Choose wisely which brand has better service in your area. and which brand, you can trust taking in the frame your past experiences.

7. Graphic Card: If you are into video editing and gaming then it will be resourceful otherwise you can ignore it for cost-cutting.

Some Best Laptops In 2021

1. Dell Inspiron(3505)2021

2. HP 15 RYZEN

3. LENOVO Ideapad Slim 3

4. HP 14

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