Choosing the right kind of laptop is very difficult, especially if you are a student. You have to keep various important features in mind, like the right RAM, processor, ROM, enough storage, etc. If you are in the same dilemma, then this article is just for you.


LaptopFirstly, the most important thing is the brand that you should look for. Brands like Dell and HP are the best for students. You get good quality at a good price for these brands.


Features provided in a device are its true identity. So, choosing a laptop of correct features becomes another important aspect.

LaptopThe first point to be noted is the size of your laptop. There are various sizes of laptops that are available. It can be a notebook size (10.6″ to 12.1″), 13.3″, 15.4” (most commonly bought and used), 16.1″, 17” and 18.4”. The most common size among these is 15.4″ which is widely used by the students.

laptopAnother important feature to seek is the battery backup. Being a student, one should have a laptop that has at least 5 hours of battery backup. Less backup means frequent charging, which means you cannot work for long if you don’t have a charging point near you. So, having a laptop with a long backup is good for a student.

laptopRAM and Processor are the basic requirements for the easy and smooth functioning of your laptop. The more the RAM, the more is the processing speed of your laptop. For a student 6 to 8GB RAM is sufficient. Having a processor according to your need is important. The higher the processor, the lesser will be the battery life. Thus, for a student Intel i5 or i7, U series processor is best which promises the battery life from 5 to 17 hours (depending on the other factors too).

LaptopStorage space is also an essential feature. 512GB internal storage is great but if you are a Computer Science Engineering student or you have a lot of assignment, development or media work, you might need a laptop with storage of at least 1TB. The cost also increases as the storage space increases. Moreover, instead of buying an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) laptop buy a laptop with an SSD (Solid State Drive). SSD is the new and better storage drive with better performance and speed than a normal HDD.

These are the most basic features that you should see before buying a laptop.