The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is a prominent factor in any student’s life. We have discussed this in detail in a previous article, ‘Does CGPA matter’. Every semester results are announced as that term’s GPA (TGPA), and the cumulative average of all semesters is calculated as CGPA.

The best way of keeping your CGPA high is to do well in the initial attempt itself. TGPA for a subject is calculated using factors like Attendance, CA’s, MTE(wherever applicable), and ETE. General distribution is:

Attendance (5 marks) + CA (best 2/3) (20 marks) + MTE (25 marks) + ETE (50 marks) = 100 marks 

Every subject has 5 marks set aside for attendance, all you have to do is show up for the class on time! For maintaining >90% attendance you will get 5 marks, 85-90% 4 marks, 80-85% 3 marks & 75-80% 2 marks.

The importance of CA marks can’t be stressed enough, they are the lifelines to your total score, and the best 2 of 3 are picked. It is advisable to never miss the 1st CA of a semester because it has the least syllabus and will be the easiest compared to the next.

With good attendance and CA score, doing well in the mid-term exams can give a huge boost to your confidence that will help you in tackling your End term. But there will be instances where you could not perform well enough in certain subjects, or you might want a second chance to take your score even higher in your favorite subjects, in that case…

How to increase your CGPA?

  • Improvements: Lovely Professional University has an extremely student-friendly concept of attempting a passed subject up to 5 times to improve its grade.
  • Reappears: If you have attained a fail grade in a subject, it will severely affect the TGPA and by extension CGPA. The only way to improve your grade, in this case, is to take the reappear exam for that subject.
  • Backlog classes: If a student could not clear a subject in 5 reappear attempts or fails to maintain 75% attendance in a subject, they are obliged to signup for Backlog classes to learn the subject once again.

Whatever the method applies to you, do your best and prepare well but never resort to malpractices and cheating because once you are caught, you will be failed in that subject by default and will face an Unfair Means Case.

All the best for your semester! #ThinkBig