Yes, we do. Recently Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak laid out the statement that we lack creativity.

Indians lack Creativity - Apple Co Founder

The Indian culture’s success is dependent upon academic excellence, studying, learning, practising the hard way and securing a promising job and good life. He added that there are two Indias. Similar to Singapore: study, study, work hard and you secure an MBA, you get a Mercedes but where is the creativity in all of this?

Indians lack Creativity - Cartoon celebrating on completing MBA

He says creativity is dampened when the behaviour is predictable and procedural. Everyone is same in this way. There is no randomness. No vibrancy. And yes, I agree with the fact. India is lacking creativity in the development of new marvels. You may picture creativity with the Taj Mahal, Indian cloth patterns and motifs. Well, that’s not something I’m after.

Indians lack Creativity - cloth pattern and motifs

No one can beat India in that sense, you know that I know that and “they” know that. I am putting forward the technological point of the matter. There is no creativity in the product development and engineering marvelisation.

Indians lack Creativity -

We’re being stuffed up with the notion that if you study hard, you’ll be successful i.e. rich. Well, that’s what excites the kid. He works hard, harder he can. Goes to school, tuitions and byhards that half kilogram book. This goes in loops for years. That’s how an average Indian child lives his teenage years.

Indians lack Creativity - children in Japan

On the contrary, if you think of life in Australia, USA, China and Japan the scenario is completely different. The child is given freedom to choose. No matter how bad it gets, following heart and approaching the possible talent is practised.

Indians lack Creativity

Unlike India where the child is not allowed to be creative. He’s given the format. He has to maintain that format. No outgoing off the domain. This is why we do lack it.

Indians lack Creativity

The total contribution of products and inventions delivered by India in the past decade is mere 2.5%. Yeah, can you believe that? A nation with 1.25 Billion citizens, delivers only 2.5% of innovation. Why?

Indians lack Creativity

Well, we should traject our kids towards experiential-based learning. Not those laboratory ones, but the ones in the laboratory of nature. Be away from the mainstream. Because that’s something which creates randomness and hence leads to creativity. This is something I absorb from the movement of Creative India! Probably that’s the best thing we could do for the coming offsprings.

Indians lack Creativity

Remember, never stop asking questions. Adios!