Almost everyone gets a chance to go to college but only a few of them know how to enjoy their college lives. A lot of them do enjoy but get detention free with it. Here are a few fascinating detention-free things to do while in college:

Make new friends

collegeWell, we all make new friends when we go to a new place. However, some of us don’t make new ones and remain friends with the older ones. It’s good to be with your old friends but making new is also a blessing as you might become friends with a person of a different nation or culture.


Join student organizations

collegeJoining a student organization is bliss. You get to learn a lot by joining them. You can learn new skills, enhance the existing and get a lot of certificates for your résumé.


Do internships

collegeMany of you will say that it is boring to do internships as it is only job training but trust me it is much more. You will learn a lot of new things; get in contact with people experienced in your field of interest. Befriend your seniors at internship programs and get in their good books. They might allow you to help them in their major projects and that would surely be fun.



collegeVolunteering is one of the most interesting tasks to do on campus, especially if you are a verto of LPU. You get a lot of society and college exposure, you can go and use the things which are generally restricted to students or even to teachers. But that doesn’t mean you are allowed to misuse your freedom.


Do courses outside your major

InternshipDoing courses outside your major can help you explore your new interests and may even help you choose your new passion. Moreover, these new courses might help you in your majors.


Explore the city

VacationsAre you a travel person? Then why not explore your college city? Most of the good colleges are in great cities. Universities like LPU are a kind of cities themselves, so you get two cities to explore and have fun.