College is an uplifting platform for students. It has extreme power and gives enormous opportunities throughout your years which can help in upgrading as well as improving yourself. You should always try to give your 100% towards college. But among so many students, what can make you stand apart and ahead from others? Here is a list of areas you should focus simultaneously to get fully involved in college.


CollegeCollege clubs and unions are something extremely amazing which can bring out the real you that you have been searching for. There are varieties of clubs for activities such as drama, singing, dance and even on core academics such as electronics, coding, robotics and more. And if you are consistent and best in your field, you will surely get opportunities of representing the college in our campus events.


CollegeAcademics is something which you should maintain from your first day of college. Decent grades and performance will reflect your personality and will help you in the final years. The college even rewards top scholars at the end of their course. You should try to learn your interests in free time. Don’t always depend on the classrooms and college syllabus, always find a way to learn something new that amazes you and master those skills.

Projects and Works

CollegeYou can easily come out of the crowd and show your potential with your projects and works. Start the website or app you were planning for, do some side hustle jobs. Be a freelancer. Don’t think about your year, start making projects related to your field or your interests. Begin your research on academics as well as business plans and start executing them. If you want to make it big, you should begin this as soon as possible.

Seminars and Events

CollegeAnother best way to boost yourself in this race is to start involving as well as conducting seminars in colleges. There is nothing better than boosting your skills, confidence and gaining popularity by addressing 100+ students at a time. You will learn to manage, as well as communication skills and people will inspire from you. Start either taking or joining academic events regularly which will boost and increase your subject knowledge.


Sports involvement is the most important activity a student should do. You will not just become fit, but your body and brain need physical labor to increase your memory, innovativeness and thought generating areas. Being a good athlete along with studies is not a hard deal. Try to take out at least an hour for your favorite sport and play it will full enthusiasm. The college will surely support you on all levels and competitions and appreciate you for your efforts.