With rest of the international communities across the world, LPU’s Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis was thronged with thousands of participants on Friday morning to commemorate the 5th International Day of Yoga, 2019. Jointly organized by the Community Service Cell, Division of Student Welfare (DSW), LPU and the NCC 8th Punjab Battalion, Phagwara, the event was well attended by various adjoining schools, colleges, and universities. According to the organizers, more than two thousand participants from 32 different prominent institutes like Ramgharia College, Kamla Nehru College, GNA University, Government College Mahidpur, Guru Nanak College, etc. took part in the celebration.Yoga

Physical education trainer and Yoga expert, Asha Katoch and one of Patanjali’s representatives, ma’am Ramesh led the entire Yoga session. Other members who were present from Patanjali Yog Samiti for the demonstration were ma’am Suite and Paramjit. The session was set into motion with a soulful Yoga prayer by early 6 a.m. and lasted for around 2 hours.

YogaVarious asanas like meditative, tadasana, uttanasana, vajrasana, vriksasana, ardha chandrasana, makarasana, ustrasana, pranayama, pavanamuktasana, bhramri pranayama, matsyendrasan, shavasana, shalbh asana, etc. were performed.

In between the performances, the benefits and importance of all the asanas performed were blessed upon the hearts and minds of the energetic performers by ma’am Ramesh. Stressing that it’s our primary duty to keep ourselves fit, she exhorted to priorly take time for yoga, instead of using social networking sites or playing online games, so that we will reap the benefits of Yoga in the form of sound mental, spiritual and physical health.


Later in the day, it was followed by a rally within the campus to create awareness on the importance of Yoga. Various competitions like poster making and article writing on Yoga were also conducted.


It may be worthwhile to mention that since 2015, following the United Nations’ approval of 21st June as International Day of Yoga through Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s moot at the UN, Lovely Professional University has been observing it in a dignified way every year.