Yoga has become one of the essentials in everyone’s life. There are a number of benefits to overall flexibility, focus, and health. There exists a number of parallels between yoga and career success.

You can learn something new despite the age

breatheWith yoga, one can find the “beginner’s mind” experience. It’s never too late to learn or master something new. Maybe your company got merged or your job responsibilities have changed, and out of the blue, you’re asked to complete a task that frights you. Don’t let the anxiety get in the way of the prospect to learn something new. You might find how much you can like something you didn’t consider you’d be great at.

Amazing things happen when you listen 

breatheYoga helps in de-stressing thoroughly. As a speaker, leader, and volunteer, it is extremely comforting to be a listener and follower with no commitments to manage anyone but yourself. When you listen to a colleague’s comments during a conversation, your mind stops wondering what to say next, and you can really focus on the other person.

Hard stuff takes time

breatheCertain yoga poses take years to master. In any field, success takes experience and time. And that’s why it’s important not to just celebrate the descents, but also to acknowledge all the first failure and daily accomplishments along the way.

You are always perfecting the basics

breatheYoga is a practice and no one is perfect. The basics of any field are the building blocks to the highest levels of accomplishment.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be complicated

breatheThere’s a buzz about mindfulness these days. Take some deep breaths at your desk, on a con-call, or during a presentation. Whenever you feel stressed, take a moment to breathe in and breathe out. Don’t make it complicated. Just breathe!