Earphones are an introvert’s most potent weapon to avoid social interaction. More often than not, earphones are too essential for us to be pulled apart from. All and sundry on this planet know earphones perpetually mess up with your hearing prowess. Researchers claim that hearing noises above 70 dB can mess up your hearing. However, modern phones and earphones can fire up music at 120 dB, and that causes immediate vandalization of your ears. In the fullness of time, it’s implausible to stop using them. Be that as it may, you can still use earphones but more healthily; you merely need to take enough breaks and turn down the volume to medium.

What triggers the deterioration of your hearing prowess?

Wasn’t sound meant to be a means of communication and sense that aids our consciousness? Indeed it is! In fact, the auris interna (labyrinth of the ear) comprises fluid and diaphanous hair-like follicles that help you maintain your balance. Also, our ears have delicate inner hair cells that recast the sound waves into electrical impulses, leading to your hearing prowess. Using earphones at high volume ruptures your hair cells leading to hearing impairments and poor balance in the distant future. Also, it can lead to a ruptured eardrum, which is a catch-22 situation. However, the eardrum can heal naturally over a few weeks, but not with prolonged earphone usage.

How loud is too loud?

Most earphones are tuned to sound up to 110 dB. For reference, the noisy food processor which we use at home peaks at 95 dB can cause potential ear damage if exposed to a prolonged duration like an hour or two! Listening to pleasant music at 110 dB can mutilate your hearing prowess within minutes. However, if you turn down your volume to medium-low (under 70 dB), it’s unlikely that you will be facing any damage.

What’s the optimum duration?

Noise plugs are recommended, for those who work more than eight hours, in a working environment that continuously produces noise higher than 85 dB. Hearing sounds with slightly higher intensity can cause damage within an hour or two. So, it’s upon you to decide! Needless to say, using earphones at low volume (>50 dB) should be fine for an unlimited duration. However, don’t forget to take breaks!

Protips to safe listening:

(1). Be conscious about how long you have been using earphones.

(2). Turn down your volume to medium to low settings.

(3). Take breaks after prolonged usage.

(4). Don’t share your earphones and keep infections at bay.

(5). Don’t be hesitant to talk to an audiologist if you are experiencing hearing aliments.