The campus placements are here and while we wish you luck for your interviews, remember to not be disheartened if you don’t crack the interviews in one go. Before you allow yourself to give into dreadful thoughts about not getting a job, here’s why you should take getting rejected from a job as a good thing.

  • You get a feedback and a chance to polish yourself.

    Job Rejection is Good for You

Interviewers spend a precious and large amount of their time in the day analysing and interviewing people like you for the position. Whether they consider you suitable for the job or not, they develop an opinion about you. This opinion is what you must ask from them, for it can give you direct insight into what your flaws are, so you can work on them.

  • It helps you crack future interviews better.

Even if you get rejected from an interview, showing up wasn’t futile. You experienced what an interview feels like and you understood the kind of questions that an interviewer frames. Therefore the next time you are darted with such questions or you face a similar stressful situation, you feel comfortable and end up acting more effectively and answering better.

  • Rejection makes you introspect.

Sheer acceptance makes you overlook our weaknesses and believe that you deserve everything, but only rejection forces you to find your flaws to see what’s lacking in you professionally. Rejection leaves us feeling like a failure and in order to prove that we aren’t one, we work harder. Because sometimes, we need a negative motivation in life to drive us and bring out the best in us.

  • It gives you a chance to apply at other, better places

When you get selected at a decent place, you grab the offer and don’t really explore your options further. But when you’re rejected, you open yourself to a bit more options and apply at several places, even at the ones you’ve only dreamt about. But who knows where you might land?

  • It teaches you how to deal with a rejection.

Lastly but importantly, a job rejection teaches you how to deal with rejection. Rejection is harder to handle in personal life and at higher stages of your career if you don’t learn how to take it when you’re young.

Job Rejection is Good for You

Rejection never comes easy for anyone and yet it comes for us all. So, take rejection as a step towards your goal and understand that life is teaching you something important.