Journey with Computer Science Engineering

“Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning are where the miracle process all begins.” – Jim Rohn

Recently, I presented a TechTalk Events at a school in Hoshiarpur where I taught the students how they can use MOOCS and other online resources to learn about anything they want from their home. It was an amazing experience. I also shared with them the amazing prospects of a career in the field of Computer Science. I shared this because choosing Computer Science Engineering was was one the best decisions of my life. I realized this when I won the Code War Gamathon – A hackathon organized by Cloud Bugs, LPU in February this year. It made me realize how much I loved coding. I’m grateful to my professors at LPU, Mr Ankur Sodhi Sir, Mr Arjinder Sir, Mr Lakhya Sir and, Mr Prabal Gupta Sir. They were a lighthouse to me in this vast university.

When I joined the university, I was overwhelmed by the new surroundings and tremendous opportunities. I focused on my academics in the first semester and was able to score well. My seniors encouraged me to join a student club and go beyond bookish knowledge. So, in my second semester, I joined the LPU’s RTRA (Renovation Tech Robotics and Aeromodelling) club and participated in various online and offline competitions. In fact, I was able to win many events and competitions, which further enhanced my experience and made me see the potential opportunities that I can grab in future, once I master the skills.

This isn’t all. I was immensely happy when my first informative paperwork got published in the International Journal Of Scientific Research And Development (IJSRD). I want to give a big thanks to Mr.Amandeep Nagpal Sir who was always there to answer my queries and showed me the right direction with proper guidance.

Overall, my journey so far has been full of learnings and experiences. One of the best things I loved here was that I always got the help I needed in each and every field, be it academics, competitions of out-campus events. I deeply thank the university as well as my professors who were always there for me.

Gurtej Singh
B.Tech CSE (2nd Year)