Aerospace Engineering has become much more exciting than it used to be. We have our students working day and night to do so. With Jahanvi Dangeti, grabbing her seat at International Air and Space Program at Kennedy Space Center (NASA Launch Operations Centre) to the team of vertos constructing a model of Trainer plane, their achievements have made people talk about this field. Let us not forget the significant contribution of Riddhi Malhotra, Gopal Chetty Brahma and many more students of this domain, who brought international honour to our university lately.

Marking another significant contribution in the domain of Aerospace Engineering, the students at Lovely Professional University have constructed a magnificent prototype of the Trainer/Pusher plane with life-like specifications. Made from Teflon and other materials this aircraft crashes several times before it can finally fly.

With industry-aligned and experiential learning as well as the true sense of creativity, LPU students create state-of-the-art innovations! They thanked the faculty members of the mechanical block for their coherent guidance and support. Along with that, they thanked the university for providing the access to the knowledge to build that plane.

On talking about the field, Aerospace Engineering involves research and construction and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft including missiles, satellites, aeroplanes, fighter jets, etc. The students in there, work upon the making of high performance and efficient constructs.

The field is further divided into Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering. The field focuses on everything from physics and mechanics of flight to the principle of navigation aerospace physiology and so much more. Avionics engineering is a part of Aerospace engineering which is pertinent to the electronic systems used in the aircraft. The field has immense scope both nationally and internationally plus in the private and govt sectors. The attached link will direct you to the video, where the involved are successfully making their plane fly high.