Cryogenic Society of America (CSA) has recognized High-Temperature Super-conduction (HTS) & storage devices of researcher Dr. Raja Sekhar Dondapati of Lovely Professional University. Along with LPU, other Indian institutions acknowledged for research works are three top IITs of Kharagpur, Madras & Bombay. Other research works in the category came from the top universities of UK, Canada, China, Germany, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Sweden.

CSA has recognized High-Temperature Super-conduction (HTS) & storage devices including cables, motors, power-generators, fault- current limiters and more of researcher Dr. Raja Sekhar Dondapati of LPU. A Ph.D. Scholar in the area of Cryogenics with reference to applied superconductivity, Dr. Dondapati has also contributed to the development of ‘Nuclear Fusion Technologies’.

Recently, even “Marquis Who’s Who of the World” also included Dr. Dondapati’s name for his great research achievements.

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Dondapati shares: “My ‘Guru’ (Teacher) Prof Dr VV Rao has worked with former President of India Late Abdul Kalam on ‘Brahmos’ Supersonic Cruise Missile, and he always inspired me to be creative in research works. I am glad that my research endeavors are going to help the global society in diverse fields. These will help in the processes of ‘In Vitro Fertilization, Magnetic resonance imaging which is far more advanced than CT-Scan, cryogenic engines formation for ISRO to maintain cooling processes at very high temperatures, magnetic levitated fast trains and many more. Through these researches at LPU, we have illustratively competed with three top IITs-Kharagpur, Madras & Bombay.”

School of Mechanical Engineering at LPU provides expansive academic and research opportunities in cryogenics and superconductivity at post-graduate and doctoral Levels. Dr. Dondapati is also aiming to have international collaborations with top countries of the world for the general benefit of LPU students so that they prove their research abilities too.

Congratulating the International researcher at LPU, University Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal asked all at the university to be research oriented in their respective fields so that the society is benefitted to the maximum for betterment in each and every field. Mr. Mittal says: “Our research-oriented students and faculty members are given opportunities to plan, organize, & monitor their own projects. They are excited about the freedom to share their ideas to do methodically. On these lines, firm support is there for planning prototype and creating products. In fact, learners, as well as creators at LPU, believe in creating almost a product a day that makes 250+ project per year.”