One of our faculty members Dr. S. Ravichandran, Professor in Chemistry from School of Mechanical Engineering, has published a patent on ‘A process of preparation of Nanogels for Cancer drug delivery.’ His patent (Application number: 202321017620) is published on page number 143 of Journal Number 13/2023 in the Official Journal of the Patent Office.

Dr ravi

About the invention:

The nanoparticles are selected which include protein nanogels and solidified polymers. This finding suggests that the presence of a large range of activated CD44 molecules on the cellular surface at inclined plaques gives an excellent goal for centered drug transport systems with HA as a focus on the ligand.

Novel polymeric substances for use in electrophoretic separation of nucleic acids which includes DNA sequencing or the dimensions based total separation of DNA molecules for different applications, including forensic genotyping or the determination of genetic changes for clinical or biotechnology research functions. Especially, the novel polymeric substances are in moderation crosslinked nanogels. Unique procedure situations make it possible to produce nanogels of denatured whey protein in a solution.

A unique drug delivery machine nanocarrier is used instead of a liposome, and the discharge profile of the encapsulated drug at the inclined plaque can be substantially improved without being laid low with lipid attack at the susceptible plaque. The microenvironment continues exact stability and allows sustained release of the drug.

The present method consequently gives an effective way of producing whey protein nanogel compositions having excessive purity of whey protein nano gels and permits the production of new whey protein nanogel compositions. The nanogels in keeping with the prevailing invention are very suitable as drug shipping carriers.

Dr. Ravichandran has expressed his sincere gratitude to the Lovely Professional University, the HOS (SME) Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh and the HOD Prof. Mukesh Kumar for their encouragement and constant support.