An Associate Professor in Chemistry from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Ravichandran, has received Lifetime Achievement Award in a National Conference on Recent Trends in Science, Technology and Management organized by Madhu Vachaspati Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kaushambi. The conference was organized in association with Blue Bird Welfare Association, Prayagraj during 11-13th February 2022. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Award ceremony was virtually conducted.

The conference has enlightened the knowledge of students, researchers, academicians and scientists from various institutions on a virtual platform where they shared their views in recent research and created awareness among people of our country. Many scientists have been making impressive contributions in the field of Science & Technology. The world will be always grateful to scientists who have worked continuously to empower our society by their vision, labour and leadership quality. Science & Technology must meet the aspiration of our people and address the problems of rural and urban people and work for their social welfare, economic and environmental development.

The Lifetime Achievement Award focuses on Dr. Ravichandran’s outstanding contribution to research achievement. The Blue Bird Welfare Association is proud to appreciate the great achievement of his research work and it is because of his continuous dedication and contribution towards research. This achievement will inspire many other researchers of our country to get success in their academic position. Dr. Ravichandran expressed his sincere gratitude to the Lovely Professional University for the encouragement and constant support.