The most awaited event of the year YouthVibe 2020 is going to be held from 13th to 16th February 2020. The LPU’s Global Open Fest is the ultimate masquerade of fun, games, cultural fiestas, live pro shows, social summits and an exclusive fete.

Why YOUTHVIBE is LPU’s Global Fest?

Massive Footfall

Along with the fest’s extravagance, footfall is what matters the most. In 2018, YouthVibe saw a footfall of more than 30,000. This year is estimated to grow more as many off-campus participants await welcome in North-India’s Biggest fest.

North-India’s Biggest Fest

We usually quote, “Two-third of the world is covered with water the rest is LPU!”; Expanding this quote we are also trying our hand to make, YOUTHVIBE, North-India’s biggest fest. In the year 2018, YOUTHVIBE had already been credited with the honour of being North India’s biggest fest. Even after two years, in 2020, YOUTHVIBE is looking forward to remaining the unbeaten king of fests.


One Of Its Kind

Every edition of YOUTHVIBE is seen as an independent glory in itself as it always has something new to offer. This year YOUTHVIBE is introducing ‘SOCIAL SUMMIT’ wherein funds will be raised to support a social cause. YOUTHVIBE considers it our responsibility to do our part for the social changes around the globe.

All-In-One Fest

A fest in itself is an amalgamation of different individual activities. YOUTHVIBE 2020 has a lot to add to this plethora. This year, we have something for every individual who pays us a visit. This year we have workshops to hone your skills, carnival, and fete and also mega pro-shows to chill out your nerves.



The name in itself is the reason why we are a global fest. We have just the right ingredients to make the dish splendid. It starts with YOU, implying that you are not only a person but an indispensable part of this mega-fest. Moreover, YOUTHVIBE is not simply a fest, it is a feeling that we all carry in our hearts.

YOUTHVIBE will be a four-day mega-fiesta that will definitely carry your hearts with it, but for a person who carries this YOUTHVIBE in his heart, we stay together forever!

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