In a phenomenal display of skill and determination, the LPU Hockey Team proudly claims the title of North Zone Champions with back-to-back victories. The team showcased exceptional prowess on the field, marking an unforgettable journey in the league.

The double triumph began with a thrilling match against Punjab University Chandigarh, where LPU emerged victorious with a resounding 5-3 win. The players’ strategic brilliance and teamwork were evident as they secured their first triumph on the road to the championship.

In a nail-biting league match against Chandigarh University Mohali, LPU Hockey continued their winning streak with a hard-fought 2-1 victory. The intense competition and strategic gameplay highlighted the team’s commitment to excellence, setting the stage for further success.

The momentum didn’t waver as LPU faced Maharaja Bhupinder University Patiala, securing a convincing 2-0 win. The players’ exceptional form and tactical execution demonstrated their dominance in the league.

However, the pinnacle of their achievement came in a face-off against last year’s champions, Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. In a commendable 3-1 triumph, LPU Hockey showcased resilience and skill, dethroning the defending champions and solidifying their status as the new powerhouse in the region.

This remarkable journey marks LPU Hockey’s second consecutive win, a testament to the team’s dedication, hard work, and unwavering spirit. Congratulations to the entire LPU team for shining bright on the field and bringing home the North Zone Champions title with a display of exceptional sportsmanship. The victories not only celebrate individual achievements but also symbolize the collective strength and unity of the LPU Hockey Team.