LPU recently organised a highly successful one-day principals’ conclave on “Personal Branding for Leaders.” The conclave, hosted by the department of career guidance, aimed to equip educational leaders with valuable strategies to build compelling personal brands that enhance their influence and effectiveness in the field of education.

The event witnessed the participation of esteemed principals from 42 institutions under Chief Khalsa Diwan, Amritsar, including the Director of Education, Assistant Directors, and Principals of ICSE and CBSE schools.

Dr. Rajesh Verma, Professor and Senior Dean of Mittal School of Business, during his session, enlightened the principals about various strategies to develop a strong personal brand that differentiates them as educational leaders. The session emphasised the importance of a clear vision for the school’s future, a unique value proposition, consistent messaging, a strong online presence, active networking, and continuous professional development for principals to build an influential personal brand.

Dr. Sachin Sidhra, Assistant Professor and HOD of Soft Skills, in his session titled “Building Cohesive Teams,” emphasised the significance of team development in educational institutions. He highlighted the key elements of successful team-building, including open communication, trust, mutual respect, clear goals, collaboration, shared values, and continuous support. By fostering self-leadership within their teams, principals can ensure the smooth operation and success of their institutions.

The conclave concluded with the registrar and executive dean, Dr. Monica Gulati, addressing the participants and presenting certificates of participation.

It is a successful collaboration between LPU and Chief Khalsa Diwan, Amritsar. As part of this collaboration, LPU will be training over 1000 teachers from 47 CKD schools in June 2024, providing them with valuable skills enhancement sessions. Additionally, LPU will conduct skill enhancement sessions for students, further supporting their holistic development throughout the year.