As the world becomes increasingly digital, social media is becoming more and more popular. One can reach a billion individuals with a few clicks. Instagram Reels, a tool that allows users to quickly become popular, are a popular way for users to connect and have fun with their followers. If you are someone who loves to create reels, then let your talent come out. On March 15, 2022, the Department of Cultural Affairs, Division of Student Services, will host an event titled “Reel-O-Insta”—a one-of-a-kind Instagram Reels competition that focuses on the content creators out there as it provides a unique platform for the Instagram influencers to shine on Instagram and grow the social influence of the individual.

Students who are interested in participating can register their names by entering their information into the registration link ( on/before March 14, 2022. The themes will be assigned to the registered students on March 16, 2022, at a drawing ceremony. The registered students are required to construct an Instagram Reel based on the theme that has been assigned to them. The duration of the reel must be less than 50 seconds.

The competition will run according to the following rules and procedures:

  • The competitions will be held based on the themes that have been assigned to the students.
  • In order to construct a reel, the participants must adhere to the Instagram Community Guidelines.
  • In the competition, there will be two rounds, each of which will be outlined below:
    • Round 1 (Let’s Make Reels) consists of the creation of reels based on pre-determined themes. Our professionals will analyse your reel, and students who meet the criteria will be qualified to move on to the next phase.
    • The following criteria will be considered in the evaluation: theme depiction, clarity, appropriate number of hashtags, creativity, and use of the post in an infotainment reel. Gift vouchers of 1,000 Indian Rupees will be given to the top 20% of the winners of Round 1.
    • Round 2 (Share to Reach) consists of all the winners from Round 1 submitting the reels to their respective Instagram accounts. The contestants will then conduct a promotional effort to increase the reel’s popularity. The winners of the second round will receive gift vouchers worth more than 50,000 Indian Rupees.

So, Instagram influencers, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Make haste and register yourself.

Last Date of Registration: – 14 March 2022

Date of Event: – 15 March 2022

Registration Link: –

Contact Details: – +91 70310 72719, +91 78602 78425

Email Id: –,