In the digital age, data is everywhere, and all data must be managed. IT workers can choose to learn how to make sense of this data through certifications, which can allow them to play important roles in companies and organizations that need database administrators. The past few years have only cemented the usefulness of database technology, and how complicated it can be without the right data professionals.

Database administrators take charge of establishing and maintaining a database management system of a certain kind, whether that be a platform like MySQL or Oracle. Other database roles, such as those of data warehousing specialists and data analysts, may be responsible for other aspects of data, but the platform in which all data is stored remains a crucial part of any data-related certification. The platform may also depend on vendor-specific technologies, which is why many of the best certifications are offered by vendors like Microsoft. In India, on average IT professionals certified in database management earn upwards of Rs 7,00,000/- per year and experienced candidates can earn more than Rs 15,00,000/- per year. So it isn’t a surprise that certifications for database administration are taking trend.

Database Certifications – SQL Server

  • MTA Database Fundamentals

The first certification on our list is MTA Database Fundamentals, which stands for Microsoft Technology Associate. This entry-level certification is mainly intended for beginners who do not hold any previous knowledge in this field. It has a single exam associated with it. This certification will teach all the fundamental knowledge required to deep dive into the world of database administration. Some of the topics that it will cover are data storage, relational concepts, data manipulation language (DML), data definition language (DDL), and others. There are two ways to prepare for the exam. The first, one being self-preparation from online resources and the second one is Instructor-led preparation which is going to be paid.

The exam for the MTA Database Fundamentals is Exam 98-364: Database Fundamentals. Besides English, it is available in multiple languages such as Chinese, French, German, etc. The exam for this in India is around Rs 3700/-

This certification will be discontinued from June 2022.

Database Certifications – Oracle

  • Oracle Database Administration

The second certification on our list is by Oracle and will be focusing mainly on Oracle Databases. This certification is mainly intended for those who are trying to gain knowledge and expertise in Oracle databases by preparing for the certification exam. Some of the topics that will be covered in the certification test are understanding the installation process, patching and up-gradation of the Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure, creation and management of the backup plan, use of Recovery Manager for the duplication and recovery of the databases, etc. This is by far the best certification for any beginner focusing on Oracle Databases. The certification test will consist of two separate exams. Both the exams will be two hours and twenty minutes long. The passing score for the first exam is 60% and for the second it is 57%. Both these exams have separate fees which are around Rs 21000/-. So in total, this certification will cost around Rs 42,0000/-.

Database Certification – MySQL

  • OCP MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Certification

MySQL is the most popular open-source system for the management of databases, so it was important to include a certification that focuses on MySQL. This certification is also provided by Oracle. Even though Oracle is not the direct creator of the MySQL system, they certainly hold a very high position in terms of their services and their certifications are most sought in the industry.

There is only a single exam that needs to be taken to get the certification and the name given to this certification test is MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator 1Z0-888. It is going to be a two hours long test and the passing score is 58%. The exam fee is around Rs 21,000/-. There is also an option to take the preparatory course for this certification, which is mainly going to be useful for beginners since they generally do not know where to find all the resources for the preparation.

After completing any of these beginner-level certifications one can apply for a job role or move on to certifications that are for the intermediates and then for the experts. With the ever-increasing dependency of all industries on the internet or IT, in general, the demand for professionals with such qualifications is also increasing. So the future for the database administrators looks bright.